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This website is run by Plantzo. We provide here the Terms and Conditions drafted by the organization and a clear understanding of these can be helpful to all customers of the website. All details are provided hereunder and in case of any ambiguity, the decision of the organization stays final. Any purchase of product or service offered by Plantzo should be made after reading these terms only.

By purchasing a product or service from plantzo, you agree to accept all the terms laid by us and shall abide by them. No further claims in any matters shall be entertained other than mentioned.

All through the text, some terms are frequently used and these are implied meanings of such terms.

US, OUR, WE, SELLER - refers to Plantzo

YOU, CUSTOMER, BUYER - refers to any purchaser from the website


  1. The content undergoes great amount of checking before being published. However, there will be no assurance on accuracy and correctness of the content and description in the website and we shall not be responsible if any information from the website is taken for its trueness by any party.
  2. Any practice observed to violate the terms of Plantzo is not accepted and respective action shall be taken against such people such as the termination of services and even a legal course, if necessary.
  3. The terms and conditions are subject to changes based on need and hence you are requested to stay abreast with the latest policy while using our website. We can change them without any prior notice on our website.
  4. You must be a citizen residing in the state and above 18 years of age to obtain the services. In case of minors, parents should be the mode of communication.
  5. No part of the website information shall be reproduced, copied, or represented anywhere unless permitted by us.
  6. The delivery of products and services takes 1-7 business days from the date of order and under any unforeseen situations it might take longer. You also agree with other timelines for refund, order cancellation as laid down by the organization.


Any person outside of Plantzo is mandated not to perform certain activities apart from those above mentioned such as:

  1. Submission of false information on the website
  2. Violation of any terms mentioned by the Plantzo community
  3. Usage of our products and services for any kind of illegal, unlawful or immoral activities that do not abide by the laws of your jurisdiction.
  4. Infringement of copyrights of the website elsewhere for any purpose without permission by due authorities at Plantzo.
  5. Transmitting virus or any sort of malware codes on the website that will affect the functioning of the site even minimally. Such cases shall be liable for due action.


Plantzo considers breach to its policy terms very severely. Any instance of non-compliability with the terms can result in termination of services offered without prior notice or due legal action based on the extent of offence done by the party.

Plantzo has no responsibility to prove any claim for the termination of any services to any client. However, If the claim is found reasonable, an internal team will look into such matters and any decision taken by it shall be final.


You are supposed to register with an authorized email and phone number for proper communication with the Plantzo team. All details of shipping address and payment should be accurate in case of CASH ON DELIVERY mode of payment. In case of online payments, all data is handled in the safest way possible.

For Plantzo, protection of user data is a top priority. All information (except payment mode details) shall be transferred over various servers in a non-encrypted mode. All data related to payment mode shall be transferred through encrypted mode, making it a secured option.


We believe feedback is a very constructive way to improve ourselves to ensure better services. Any feedback through contact or comment is highly welcome and appreciated. However, if any comments are found abusive, inappropriate or not worthy, then we have the right to remove such comments and can even proceeded with respective legal action.


We take utmost care to provide exact information on our website. However, some errors might creep in and we will not be held any responsibility for the same. It is your sole responsibility to make sure all the information is verified before requesting for a product or service.


There might be slight changes with respect to product description, charges, prices, or availability of products on our site and you are to check for any updates before communicating with us. The price or charges at the time of order will hold applicable, unless specified otherwise.

The site shall not be available at times while being worked upon or updated for better interface with no prior information on the website.


We may provide some services that are offered by third-party sellers and those links shall be available on the website that might redirect you to their sites. We do not hold any responsibilities for activities happening outside our ambit in such cases.


Kindly refer to refund and return policy here


We expect all our clients to abide by government rules. Any violation will be proceeded with legal actions.