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Frequently asked questions

How can I be sure about the health of the plant?
All plants have specific requirements for healthy growth. In general, for indoors and succulents, good leaf colour and no yellowing is a good indicator. In case of hard stem plants, if a gentle peel on stem shows wet and light green inside, then the plant is healthy.
What kind of maintenance and weather conditions are required?
All plants grow well in Indian climate with only a few exceptions. Ensure regular watering and a sunny spot is provided. Under extreme cold conditions, move the pot plants indoors. Too much watering or too less watering can be harmful to the plant.
Why am I being charged for delivery on my order when it states standard delivery is free?
All our delivery charges are pre-set by our courier company. We sell some oversized items which require a specialist courier company to fulfil the delivery, there is an additional charge for these. Also, our courier company consider some surcharge postcodes ‘Out of area’. There is an additional charge for these also. You can find a list of all [oversized items here] You can find a list of all
How will it be transported?
We have a highly efficient logistics and supply mechanism that ensures safe transit of your plants.You receive the plant in a safe and attractively packed condition. You can track your order at every stage of transport.
Why does it not tell us on the website that the parts will be delivered by the branch?
Due to the delicacy of some parts we take extra care in the delivery of the item. These could include body panels and large bulky items. These are either available for collection from our branches or will be delivered to you through our branch network vehicles.
What kind of soil will it be delivered in?
Potting soil. Potting soil is a mixture of red soil and manure like vermicompost that contains all the required nutrients in correct amounts. Two parts of red soil and one part of manure is the best potting mixture and can be prepared by you at home as well.
What are the nutritional requirements for the plants I want to buy?
In general, Plants need Nitrogen for good growth, Phosphorus for proper functioning and Potassium for flowering. Depending on the stage of growth, add manures that provide these nutrients. Vermicompost is the best supplement and is also organic. For specific requirements, refer plant product description.
How should I take care of the plant?
Proper watering, good sunlight, are the important steps. In case of insect or pest attack, Spraying neem oil will work wonders. Please go through the plant care tips provided for each plant in the website. In case your plant is facing any major issues, consult our customer care service for advice.
What are the modes of payment available?
You can proceed to pay using a variety of options including net banking, debit card, UPI, credit cards and a few payment wallets.
What is the return policy?
We have a friendly refund or exchange policy only in case of a damage to the product. Please go through the return and exchange policy given in the website.
Is COD available?
No, we do not accept cash on delivery mode of payment at this point of time. However, we plan to offer the same shortly.
Can I place the order over the phone?
Yes, Plantzo is a mobile-friendly website. However, kindly make sure the details and address are accurate. In case of any issues, please call us.
Why should I have an account? Are there any benefits?
Through the registered account, we ensure better communication all through the process. Having an account has many perks like coupon services, discount offers, reminders on the restocking of your favorite product you wish to buy again. It is like becoming a member of the Plantzo community.
I forgot my password. Please help
No need to worry. We got you covered. Just click on forgot password and you will receive a mail to create a new password again.
How will I repot my plant?
Gently remove the plant from the package you receive, do not immediately try to repot your plant. Give your plant a few days of time to settle in its new home. After a few days remove the plant from the plastic bag or the pot it was placed in, now place the plant along with the mud ball in the soil which must be a bit wide from the plant size so that the plant easily adjusts in its new place. Water the soil immediately after planting for better results.
How do I change or cancel the order?
Once the order is shipped you cannot cancel the order as it is a living things and cannot be returned. In case of damage, the damaged plant will be replaced or you will receive a refund.
Is it a hybrid plant?
Most plants are hybrids or well performing varieties. However, some can be grafts or seed grown. Kindly refer to the product description for a better understanding.
Can I change my billing address?
In case of address change or gifting, you should enter the correct address while placing the order. Any mistakes if communicated before the order is shipped shall be corrected. Any mischief or purposeful violation will result in cancellation of order and further services.
Can I change my delivery address?
In case of any mistakes in your delivery address, contact us immediately so that we can change it for you only in case it has not been shipped at that point of time.
How to place order?
Visit website and select the plant you wish to bring to your home, add to cart and proceed to checkout. We will deliver it in a safe and secured condition.
I do not remember my login ID and password? How do I get it?
Our customer care service will always be available to fix the problem.You can always update them using the registered number.
What if I received a wrong product?
Do not panic on seeing a wrong product. Kindly take a photograph of the product you received along with the order ID, you will receive 100% refund for the respective product if the claim is valid. However make sure you do it within a day of delivery.