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The perfect New Year gifts for plant lovers

By :Plantzo Live 0 comments
The perfect New Year gifts for plant lovers

2020 was easily the most challenging year for all of us. To have made it through it is an achievement in itself and for that, we applaud you. 

As we walk into the New Year with new hope and prayers, how about we spread some of the positivity to our loved ones as well? Why don’t we give them something to look forward to in the form of unique gifts that symbolize prosperity and hope? Yes, we are talking about plants!

Plants, or as we like calling them, our life-giving best friends are the embodiment of everything that’s positive and loving. They have the ability to transform our life just by being a part of it. How many other gifts can vouch for the same? Not many!

So, without wasting any time, let’s take a look at the best New Year gifts for plant lovers so that they start 2021 on a green note. Please note that we have curated this list keeping in mind various home settings and décor ideas to make it easy for you. Please continue reading.

Gift peace with Peace Lily

We cannot think of a more apt name for Peace Lily because its presence is very calming and relaxing. This lovely indoor plant is easy to grow and is a rare gem that gives heart-warming white-colored flowers. It also purifies the air!

When you gift a peace lily to someone, you show them that you care about their happiness and wish them nothing but the best. 

Below are a few care tips that you can pass on:

  • It likes natural, indirect light for good growth
  • It hates being in soggy soil. So, make sure you water it only when the top soil is dry
  • It is safe for pets
  • It blooms during the winter season

Gift strength with Bougainvillea

Bougainvillea is known for its wonderful, paper-like flower that can add charm to an otherwise dull garden. But that’s not it with this one! Did you know that its leaves have anti-inflammatory properties? This tough plant can be trained to be a bonsai or grow on walls, to add a color and life with its showy flowers.

Gifting Bougainvillea will bring a lot of joy and vibrance in one’s life. Your loved ones will appreciate your gesture and think of you every time they see the flowers bloom.

Below are a few care tips:

  • Place it in the balcony or a well-lit window – Bougainvillea thrives in full sunlight
  • Water it only once a week
  • It may not be suitable for homes with pets because it can be slightly harmful to them

Gift cheer with Spider Plant

The Spider Plant teaches us to be cheerful through odds and tough times. It grows happily in almost all rooms of the house and is quite drought-tolerant. It is best known for its air purification capabilities and it can grow pretty much anywhere! That’s why it is a perfect beginner’s plant.

With the spider plant, you will gift your near and dear ones a reason to smile – always. 

Here’s what you should know about it:

  • It can grow well in any room and any light conditions except harsh sunlight
  • It needs light watering 
  • Pets will love it as much as you do because it is perfectly safe for them

Gift luck with Money Plant

Money Plant needs absolutely no introduction! It has adorned homes for a long time and for a good reason too! It is beautiful, easy to maintain, and symbolizes luck.

That’s why there’s no reason why this delight shouldn’t be a part of your gifts. 

Caring for the Money Plant is very easy! Here are a few pointers:

  • Grows quickly in bright parts of the home but will grow in just about any light conditions
  • Needs very less care and water – water it only when the top 2 inches of the soil are dry
  • It is safe for pets but be sure they don’t ingest the leaves. Ingestion has been known to cause distress
  • You can use it as home or office décor and spruce up your place instantly

Gift beauty with Jade Plant

Jade plant is popular for being an ornamental plant that lends beauty and aesthetics to homes. In a few cultures, it is known for bringing good luck and that is why we think it would make an ideal 2021 gift. 

Shower it will love and care, and during late winters, you will see it bloom. Its white flowers are simply stunning. 

Here are a few care tips – be sure to pass them on!

  • Loves sunshine
  • Requires good drainage and adequate watering
  • Cannot tolerate frost
  • If your friends/family members have pets, we advise against gifting this plant because it is poisonous to pets (we are sorry!)

Gift one or gift them all – happiness is guaranteed! 

Don’t wait anymore! Start spreading joy immediately with these New Year gifts.

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