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Caring for indoor plants during winter months

By :Plantzo Live 0 comments
Caring for indoor plants during winter months

Isn’t the weather just marvelous? Sitting on the couch, cuddled up with your loved ones, sipping a hot beverage.. Ah! That’s life!

But, as you chill in the chilly weather, your beloved indoor plants are eyeing you with sadness. That’s because while you are enjoying, they are suffering silently. Winters are a little challenging for them.

Just like it takes you a while to adjust to new surroundings and extreme changes, plants get vulnerable when the temperatures drop. It is at this time that they need more attention, love, and care from you. And, when we say care, we don’t mean increasing watering frequency or adding more fertilizers. That’s actually a recipe for disaster. Caring for indoor plants during winter months entails much more and that’s what we will talk about in this article.

Tips to make winters soothing for your plants

Following are tips from the horticulturists on the Plantzo team. Execute them and your plants will be blissful! 

  • Stop the madness over-watering

It doesn’t feel good to take a cold shower on a cold winter’s day, does it? And, it would be worse if you had to remain wet all day! Your plants feel the same. During winters, if the soil is wet throughout, they won’t like it all.

Water your indoor plants only when the soil is dry to touch

  •  And let there be light!

Even if your indoor plants were thriving in low light corners, you are advised to change their placement for the winter. Take them closer to the window where they can bask in the morning sunlight before it gets too cold. Of course, make sure they are not in the sun all day because then they would dry out.

Any area with light to medium sunlight is good for the winters.

  • Don’t let the air be too dry

During winters, the air becomes dry and these conditions can be too harsh for plants. Plants like moderate humidity. So, depending on where you live, we recommend that you invest in a good humidifier for your plants. That can be the New Year gift for them. ☺

If the humidifier is working 24/7, you can further reduce watering.

  •  Keep the fertilizers away

Winter is the time for your plants to rest and relax – just like you! Fertilizers will just stress them out and upset their growth cycle. Don’t pamper them too much with all the plant food!

The perfect time to feed your plants is the onset of spring season.

  • Prune and repot if needed

This is the ideal season to prune and repot your plants. Succulents, of course, don’t need this. But, if you have vines and woody plants, you can consider repotting them based on the requirement. 

Woody plants are dormant during winters. So, they won’t mind a haircut or a change of home.

Plants are an absolute delight but they will be able to help you only as much as you help them. Make sure you follow each of our tips for healthy co-living. All the best!



Before we round off, we thought we would address a few FAQs that we receive –

1.How do I keep my indoor plants alive during winter?

Follow the aforementioned tips. They will thrive and be ready to bloom as spring arrives.

2.Why are my indoor plants dying in winter?

The most common reason is overwatering. Make sure the soil is dry before you water your plants.

3.Can I fertilize my indoor plants in winter

No, we do not recommend it. Start fertilizing in early spring.

4.Do indoor plants need more water during winter?

Absolutely not! They need less water during winter.

5.What helps plants survive in winter?

Adequate care and less pampering will do the trick. 


We hope this guide helps you take the best care of your plants. If you have any doubts or questions, ask us via comments. Our Plantzo team will be happy to reach out and help you.

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