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5 décor ideas with indoor plants to bring nature home

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5 décor ideas with indoor plants to bring nature home

And you thought you needed outrageously expensive antique items to prep up your place!

When you go on nature walks, long trips, and adventures, what’s the one thing you always notice? How breathtaking nature is. It is aesthetic, calming, and stunning – all in one go! So, how about bringing a little piece of nature home and leveling up your home décor? How about breathing some life into your wonderful place and making it refreshing, optimistic, and classy?

How can plants do so much, you ask? Well, when you intersperse them with interior design, anything is possible.

To help you on this quest, we have put togethera few décor ideas that you can get started with. They all revolve around indoor plants.

Bring out the brassware (and silver too)

Brass is considered one of the most artistic metals, and has been used for centuries to add sheen, texture and richness to everyday objects. Be it wooden doors with brass handles, brass lamps or hand beaten brass cauldrons, it has a certain appeal and elegance that is hard to ignore. A single brass planter can, thus, spruce up the entire living room. Imagine what a set can do!

You can start by planning the perfect spot to highlight. Depending on the size of your room and the plant (preferably air purifying plants) you choose to grow in these planters, you can pick a corner or centre spot to draw attention to. Choose plants which accentuate the overall design (our recommendations are below). You could also add another dimension by placing the brass planter on a stool or stand, making it an excellent piece of living room decor. Brass adds an earthy and traditional look even when used sparingly, thus transforming the space with just a small change. We highly recommend this for the upcoming festive season!

Our suggestions for plants that look great with brass planters

Make full use of those corners

Corners are the most underestimated spots in homes. Most homeowners either ignore them or place unnecessary, unaesthetic items there. Changing this and adding a plant instead can transform any space within seconds. We suggest that you use a self-watering pot to ensure that your corner friend is never thirsty.

Depending on whether the corner gets enough sunlight, you can choose from a variety of plants.

Our top picks for corners

Redefine home décor with statement pieces

Build the home you dreamt of. Write your own statement!

A few plants are not just sturdy but also extremely graceful to look at. Along with refreshing your mornings, they will help you transform your home with little sweat. When you bring these home, you won’t have to worry about any other home décor item. One plant is statement enough!

Don’t believe us? Try it – you won’t go wrong no matter which indoor plant you choose.

Our favorite statement plants

Greet with a plant

Entryways hold a special place in our hearts. We want our doorways to be welcoming and express warmth to our guests. Come festivals, we decorate them with bright leaves and designs, bringing joy even to passersby!

Make this an everyday affair with plants, why don’t you? All you have to do is to buy a pair of lovely plants and place them on either side of your main door. If you have an independent house, you can place many more plants without blinking twice.

The best part about decorating outside is that you can buy large pots to give shade-loving plants ample space to grow.

Our favorites for entryways include the following

Grow your own herbs!

If you want your plants to go beyond being beautiful, and be useful too, home grown herbs are your answer. Nothing elevates the flavors of a dish like home-grown herbs andou can grow them in your living room or in your kitchen balcony adding glamour and glory to your home. Growing herbs is known to bring a lot of satisfaction and happiness, not to mention good health and great food. Start small by investing in perennial plants that can grow with little to no extra effort. We suggest that you think outside the regular herb garden and grow unique plants that your friends wouldn’t think of.

A few hints for you

As a quick recap, here are our 5 décor ideas with indoor plants to bring nature home

  • Use brassware as planters to add sheen, texture and richness to spaces
  • Choose the right plants and make corners interesting
  • Invest in one or two statement plants to transform spaces
  • Add plants to entryways as a warm welcome
  • Make edible plants a part of your home decor

Got doubts? Please feel free to talk to us if you have any questions or need advice about plants. Our experts are waiting on the edge of their seats!

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